GRL PWR is a feminist critique on politics and pop culture. Sadly, due to other class and work obligations, I was only able to produce three episodes of this show. I'm very proud of the work I was able to do, and the show was named a finalist in the 'Best Podcast' category at the IBS 2017-2018 College Awards.

The show was hosted and produced by myself at WSUM 91.7FM Madison Student Radio. You can find GRL PWR on my SoundCloud.

20 Something

This is a travel podcast that documented my time studying abroad in London, England. It served as a personal audio diary to help me share my adventures and my struggles of living abroad. This was my first podcast adventure, so there is much room for improvement, but I'm still proud of the work that I accomplished with my recorder in my tiny room in my flat in Shoreditch, London. Take a listen!